Janie Olmos & Justin Salazar
Owners & Founders of Infamous Beard Gang 





BEARDS BEARDS BEARDS... you just gotta love em!  Which is how and why we started Infamous Beard Gang.  It started out as just an Instagram page for passionate beard lovers like us.  Posting beard memes, tips, and shouting out other bearded brothers.  The more we posted the more attention we started receiving.  Our name is quite catchy so our social medias grew quite rapidly for not having any products yet.  We were being bombarded with questions on which products to use and how to groom the beard.  This is when we decided to push forward and get a logo design made.  Janie comes from a fashion design background and Justin from an entrepreneur background together forming the perfect combo.  We wanted to be a little bit different in the sense of carrying top notch and all natural products and at the same time building relationships with bearded brothers WORLD WIDE!  We decided on a classy yet medieval theme/style, think of the brand Johnnie Walker.  A classy, bearded gentleman!  Supporting beards worldwide! We have done our research and decided to use ALL NATURAL ingredients for our oils, balms, and waxes.  They have been designed to give you the ultimate badass beard.  We aren't just a beard company that sells all natural products.  We are a bearded brotherhood that wants to change the way society views bearded men.  We have class, and care about our communities.  Join our movement and be a part of the bearded lifestyle!  Stay tuned for upcoming products and apparel by joining our newsletter!  BE CLASSY, STAY INFAMOUS. 











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